The purpose of this blog is to chronicle and report on my certain views and comments on today’s various issues and topics.  I will give my perspective as a twenty-something millennial that is starting to find my footing and place in the American society.  I want to note that this blog is show my personal journey through positions, readers should note that it is not my intention to create a formal ideology or promote one-political view over another. While I have been a Democrat the majority of  my life I am noticing that certain experiences and observations is causing me to reexamine many aspects my of long-held personal politics.


Below I have outlined various reasons on why I decided to start this blog, as well as, what I’m hoping to get out of it.

  1. Thoughts are becoming more and more distracting
    • Feeling more unsure about certain ideologies and concepts I was raised on.
    • I have recently become more consumed by the political climate in America and I have developed political attributes that have not existed before.
  2. I want to report this turning point in my life
    • Within the past year I have graduated college and now I’m figuring out my purpose and needs on an adult-scale.
    • I am living in a community and area that is demographically and economically unlike any area I have ever lived in before. The experience is significantly changing points of views.
  3. Personal journey and therapy
    • I am currently single, with no children, I think its important to do stuff like this while I have none of those future distractions.
    • I am hoping that getting these thoughts out here help me feel a little less alone.
    • I want to examine myself intrinsically and my thoughts in the present to work on improving my personal real-time thinking skills. 

For Readers

If you are looking for a blog about a confused twenty-something year old who is trying to figure out how this world works, this blog is definitely for you. If you are looking for commentary on news, politics, media, and today’s inherit cultural randomness, this blog may also be for you.